Growing Pains

Quite simply, growing should not be painful.

All pain reported by children should be treated seriously & promptly investigated. Studies have shown the average time between children reporting joint & leg pain & seeking appropriate treatment is 2 years. Dealing with chronic (>3 months) pain can have a lasting psychological & psychosocial impact on children so early assessment & if appropriate, treatment is vital.

Lower limb pain in children can have many causes, including neuromuscular disorders, inflammatory arthritis (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) & occasionally bone tumours. Pain is more typically caused by a musculoskeletal imbalance such as poor foot mechanics, tight or weak muscles or overtraining. Other causes include unsuitable activity for the child’s body type, poorly designed, fitted or sized footwear & compensatory postures such as W sitting.

As important gross motor skills milestones & postural control patterns are largely formed before the age of 8, early identification of gait disorders & faulty mechanics is essential.

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