3D Printed Foot Orthotics

3D Printed Orthotics

The future of foot orthoses has arrived.

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Potter Podiatry is the only Podiatrist on the Sunshine Coast to offer 3D Printed Orthotics. We utilise a completely integrated 3D Scan – Computer design – 3D Printed foot orthoses manufacturing system. We digitally scan your feet to create a highly accurate 3 dimensional model, then your Podiatrist personally hand designs your orthotics using cutting edge touchscreen computer technology powered by world leading FitFoot360 software. Your design is then 3D printed using innovative HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing technology in full colour. We can print any design, image, colour or pattern.

So, what’s all the hype with 3D?

Foot orthoses help people. They help people with foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain & back pain. They help children & adults with foot pain or gait disorders to reach their goals. The issue can be fit. As Podiatrists, we get frustrated when a patient doesn’t feel able to follow our advice regarding orthoses due to practical, occupational or aesthetic footwear demands. 3D printed orthotics enable us to produce an orthoses approximately half the thickness & bulk without compromising on performance.

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Chloe Potter has years of experience in the prescription, computer design & traditional orthoses manufacturing methods. Having hand made every kind of orthoses prescription design, she has a unique understanding of how to prescribe you a device that will be comfortable, light & durable.


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3D Printed orthotics are also environmentally friendly, manufactured using a plant based material that eliminates 99% of the plastic waste generated by traditional orthotic manufacturing processes. 3D printed orthotics are typically 2-4mm thick, up to 90% thinner than traditional bulky soft orthotics & 50% thinner than traditional plastic orthotics. Reducing the weight of your orthotics can improve gait efficiency as well as improve shoe fit compared to traditional orthotics.

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Potter Podiatry perform a thorough musculoskeletal biomechanical assessment in order to evaluate your joint range, muscle strength & flexibility, alignment & gait pattern prior to prescribing any foot orthoses including 3D printed orthotics. Appointments can be made online here for our Noosaville & Birtinya locations.

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Soft Orthoses

Softer EVA orthoses can be particularly helpful for offloading high risk Diabetic or Neuropathic feet with a history of or current foot ulceration. These orthoses are manufactured from a digital scan, computer design & direct milled design process.

Casted Orthoses

Where appropriate or requested, Potter Podiatry also offers traditionally manufactured Custom Foot Orthoses manufactured from casts of the feet.