Biomechanical/ Gait Assessment

Gait assessment or biomechanical evaluation is the process by which your Podiatrist assesses your walking or running gait for variations that may be responsible for injury. This is particular helpful for chronic or recurrent injuries in both adults & children as well as athletes.

A thorough Biomechanical assessment by a skilled Podiatrist involves a lot more than looking at your feet. Podiatrists consider the structure & function of the entire kinetic chain & look for the presence of ‘pathomechanics’ (movement that may cause pathology or symptoms). If attending a Podiatrist or other health professional for a gait assessment, you should expect:

  • A thorough, detailed history of injuries, medical conditions, family history, occupation, surgery, footwear & physical activity
  • Evaluation of joint range of motion to identify asymmetry, muscular tightness &/ or weakness
  • Evaluation of alignment problems (such as knock knees, bow legs)
  • Evaluation of hip & lumbo pelvic stability
  • Evaluation of knee function
  • Evaluation of ankle & foot function
  • Limb length measurement
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Balance & Proprioceptive function


A thorough Biomechanical Evaluation should typically take 45-60 minutes & may include video analysis or photos of alignment & function.

Potter Podiatry offer elite standard Biomechanical Assessment in a spacious, comfortable environment. We strongly believe in educating our patients to understand their bodies better & work closely with other health professionals to facilitate improved movement.

Following Biomechanical/ Gait Assessment, a treatment plan will be prepared that may include Dry Needling, Stretching/ Strengthening programs, Massage, Foot Mobilisation or Foot Orthoses. We may also refer you other health professionals as appropriate.

Potter Podiatry is happy to provide detailed Gait reports on request.