FOOTSCAN® Digital Gait & Balance Analysis

Potter Podiatry proudly use the logo_rsscanFOOTSCAN® Digital Gait & Balance Analysis platform from RS Scan International.

Footscan® provides evidence-based, industry leading digital gait analysis to optimise assessment & management of lower limb pain, gait disorders & balance problems.

Footscan® is trusted by gait researchers, elite athletes & sports teams across Europe & globally to optimise performance & minimise injury. Potter Podiatry’s Footscan® has been used in more than 100 published research studies into gait, pain, balance, footwear & orthotic effectiveness in athletes, adults & children, including people with disabilities.

logo_rsscan What is the benefit of FOOTSCAN® Digital Gait Analysis?
The human gait cycle (walking or running pattern) is a highly complex series of movements that occur rapidly & require careful co-ordination & input from many systems of the body.
Digital Gait Analysis using Footscan’s® 8000+ sensors enables Potter Podiatry to identify asymmetry of movements or pressure through the feet, high areas of force (& therefore injury risk), problems with timing of gait (how your weight is transferred through the feet & in relation to the other leg) as well as the effectiveness of interventions such as footwear changes or orthotic use.
Force time comparison barefoot & orthotics2
Footscan enables us to measure the force going through your feet when barefoot & in foot orthoses.  By measuring what slow motion video analysis cannot capture, our patient’s outcomes are optimised
logo_rsscan Who can benefit from Potter Podiatry’s FOOTSCAN@ assessment?
  • Children with disabilities such as ASD who frequently have balance & gait problems
  • Children & Adults with a neurological diagnosis such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke or Cerebral Palsy that affects movement & balance
  • Athletes seeking to reduce/ prevent injuries & optimise performance
  • Children & Adults with persistent foot or lower limb pain
  • People with Neuropathy at risk of foot ulceration
  • People with Diabetes who may be at risk of foot ulceration/ breakdown in areas of high pressure
logo_rsscanWhat does Potter Podiatry’s FOOTSCAN® measure?
  1. Static & dynamic plantar (sole of foot) pressure
  2. Dynamic measurement of gait patterns & symmetry of foot function
  3. Balance/ Centre of Mass between feet & lower limbs (single or double leg, eyes open
  4. Efficacy of orthoses, footwear & exercise programs
  5. Effectiveness of Foot Orthoses including footwear & barefoot comparisons of gait
  6. Loading rate of feet & lower limb
  7. Gait ratios & angles such as in-toeing & out-toeing
  8. Multi-step foot timing (step & stride length, velocity)
  9. Evidence-based injury risk by foot segment
Footscan Balance Analysis
Footscan Balance Analysis enables measurement of left/ right asymmetry, force distribution between foot segments, stability & centre of mass


logo_rsscan Potter Podiatry’s Functional Movement Screen for injury screening & prevention of athletes (please contact us for further details)

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Balance (eyes open/ closed)
  • Single leg balance
  • Tandem stand
  • Squats
  • Vertical jumps
  • Golf swing

logo_rsscan FOOTSCAN® FAQs

Where is Footscan® available?

Footscan® assessments are available at Potter Podiatry’s Noosaville & Birtinya rooms as well as for home visit assessments to eligible NDIS participants.

Is Footscan® available for NDIS participants?

Yes, Potter Podiatry use Footscan® for all of our NDIS participants as standard. Digital Gait Analysis along with slow motion video analysis enables us to monitor how participants are progressing towards their aims (such as improved gross motor skills/ balance). It can be particularly helpful when a hands on biomechanical assessment is difficult.

What can I expect?

An initial Biomechanical assessment including Footscan®  with Potter Podiatry involves:

  • Taking a thorough history of your lower limb complaint & injury history
  • X-ray, MRI or ultrasound imaging assessment
  • Assessing non weight bearing alignment, range of motion as well as strength & flexibility
  • Slow motion video gait analysis using Dartfish360®
  • Footscan® analysis of walking gait, running gait (if applicable), balance & squat (where appropriate). This involves moving over & on a 1 metre platform with more than 8000 sensors to measure your movement
  • Analysis & explanation of your Footscan® digital gait & balance analysis
  • Analysis & explanation of your Dartfish® slow motion video gait analysis
  • Management Plan to address the presenting complaint
  • X-ray, ultrasound, MRI referral where appropriate
  • Referral to other Allied Health Providers from our valued local network where appropriate

Do Private Health Funds cover digital gait analysis?

Yes, if you have Podiatry cover under your Extras policy, it is likely you will receive a rebate towards the cost of your assessment. You can check item numbers 004, 115 or 118 with your health fund.

How long does a Footscan® Digital Gait Analysis take?

As AHPRA & APODA registered health professionals, we do not offer Footscan® analysis without a thorough history & assessment. This ensures accurate interpretation of the data by correlating it with the clinical findings of your examination as well as medical history & imaging findings. Initial appointments for biomechanical problems such as a gait disorder or chronic lower limb pain typically last 60 minutes. This ensures all factors relevant to your presenting complaint are identified & a thorough, holistic management plan can be formulated.

NDIS participants who wish to book an Initial Biomechanical assessment (including Footscan® Digital Gait Analysis) are also provided with a detailed 4-10 page report explaining the assessment results, management recommendations & a quote for services where applicable. This is billed at Chloe’s standard hourly rate & in accordance with NDIS guidelines. For further information or to make an enquiry about NDIS funded Footscan® assessment for you, your child or as a support co-ordinator, please contact us at 

How is Footscan® different to other analysis systems such as those in retail footwear stores?

Potter Podiatry only use evidence-based, industry leading technology. Our Footscan® gait analysis systems are clinical research grade technology. Unlike many gait analysis systems, Footscan® has been used in hundreds of peer-reviewed, published scientific articles* for the assessment of gait, balance & sports. The gait parameters, force/ time information, gait ratios & centre of mass measurements are only available in the Clinical level technology found in Specialist Biomechanical Clinics such as Potter Podiatry. In depth biomechanical data of the lower limb requires interpretation by registered Health Professionals with many years of experience in lower limb pathomechanics, development of postural & motor control & the diagnosis of pathology.

*Links to published articles can be found here: Peer-reviewed, published articles using Footscan®

What should I bring to my Biomechanical assessment & logo_rsscanFootscan® appointment?

  • Any shoes worn regularly, particularly school/ work shoes & those worn for exercise
  • X-ray, MR, CT or Ultrasound reports & films
  • Any orthotics that you wear
  • Shorts & loose fitting clothing

How can I book my logo_rsscanFootscan® assessment?

You can book online for our Noosaville, Gympie or Birtinya clinics by clicking here or by calling 5628 3020. If you wish to book a home visit for an NDIS participant, please email us at or speak to our receptionists.